Self Portrait by Proxy 3

Shown at:
Touché, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London, 5 - 30 September 2000
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Is identity fundamentally something that is constructed as opposed to a humanistic sense of a coherent and stable self? It is a question that literally figures in the photographic works of Peter Harris, Self- Portrait by Proxy III ( The Rizzla Game). Harris presents head shots of himself playing the Rizzla game - a paper bearing an identity is pasted on his forehead and he has to guess who he is by asking questions. It's a party game that many of us have played, but by presenting it within the context of a gallery, Harris forces the deeper question: is our sense of identity fixed? Or rather, is it something we build based on our socio-cultural situations, the questions forced on us and the answers we come up with?

Parvathi Nayar, The Singapore Business Times